Fustic. is a Hanoi-based future-forward multidisciplinary creative studio that blends art with emerging technology. The studio was founded by the three Vietnamese visual artists Trung Bao, Hai Doan, and Nam Le. Fustic. specializes in innovative visual and experiential strategies to communicate ideas, collaborate with leading organizations, and pioneer new media projects.
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Ngoai Giao Doan, Bac Tu Liem district,
Hanoi, Vietnam.


Featured Collaborations

Fustic. has garnered international acclaim for its collaborations with prominent figures and organizations, including chart-topping artists like The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, and Bad Bunny, as well as major brands such as YouTube, Adidas, Meta, and Adobe. These partnerships have resulted in groundbreaking visuals and storytelling projects that push the boundaries of conventional media and installations In 2022, Fustic.’s work made headlines by partnering with Voice Gems for the World Economic Forum's largest tech-art exhibition to date, "Messages of Hopes," featuring global thought leaders. The same year marked the debut of their immersive tech-art show in Vietnam, 'Đủ,' drawing unprecedented crowds and redefining interactive digital experiences in the country.
Despite its global reach and embrace of emerging technologies, Fustic. remains deeply connected to its Vietnamese roots. This connection was vividly showcased in 2023 through "The Echoes of Memoryscape," an ambitious project that explored Vietnam's unique auditory and visual landscape. This project engaged with local sounds and traditional instruments to craft a large-scale audio-visual experience, emphasizing the studio's commitment to blending art and technology to convey meaningful, human-centric narratives.
Fustic. Studio's commitment to integrating art with technology not only enriches the cultural dialogue in Vietnam but also highlights its pivotal role in addressing societal challenges and shaping a collective vision for the future through the lens of new media art.
Selected exhibitions

Art Basel - Miami, United States 2021
The Digital Francisco Carolinum ‘Cryptovoxel’ - 2022
Voice Gems Meta Museum - Oncyber 2022
Songs To Experience - Perth, Australia 2022
TED - London, United Kingdom 2022
World Economic Forum - Davos, Switzerland 2022
Berggruen Institute - Chicago, United States 2022
W1 Curates - London, United Kingdom 2022
Elementum Art - Zurich Switzerland 2022
‘Fulfillment’ Exhibition - Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam 2022
Focus Art Fair - New York city, United States 2023
Thanh Canh ‘Openlab’ - Hanoi, Vietnam 2023
Thanh Canh ‘In The Middle of Chaos’ - Hanoi, Vietnam 2023
VOICE GEMS ASTROPOETICON - Zurich, Switzerland 2023
Voice Gems ‘1000 YEAR ARCHIVE’ - Hanoi, Vietnam 2023
Voice Gems ‘Openlab’ - Hanoi, Vietnam 2023
‘Ô’ Exhibition - Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam 2023
‘SMALL V01CE‘ Exhibition - Los Angeles, United States 2024
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© 2024 Fustic.Studio Co., Ltd
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