Messages of Hope
Wolrd Economic Forum x R100 Studio & Fustic.Studio

In early 2022, The World Economic Forum commissioned R100 Studio & Fustic.Studio to craft their largest tech-art exhibition to date, titled 'Messages of Hope.' This curated collection, featuring influential voices like Sadhguru, Rupi Kaur, and Dr. Jane Goodall, premiered at the Davos main Congress center. The exhibition explored the preservation of the most remarkable, influential voices, which encapsulated messages of love, hope, and legacy.

The VOICE GEMS project generates unique digital gemstones from voices. Each vocal recording is sent through the Voice Gems system of 200,000 particles, which are sculpted by assigned features such as volume, pitch and harmonics found in the data of each voice.

The Voice Gems system is the culmination of 10 years of theory and research and development by R100 Studio and Fustic.Studio.

The Human voice is one of the most powerful instruments we possess and represents one of nature’s greatest achievements. Today, with close to 8 billion voices worldwide and more than 7,000 identified languages spoken globally, never has it been more appropriate to celebrate the sheer breadth of the human voice. As we come together in Davos, for the first time in over two years, it’s important that all voices are given a platform to be heard.

Joseph Fowler
Head of Arts & Culture

“The pandemic has brought far-reaching changes. In a world full of uncertainty and tension, personal dialogue is more important than ever.”

Klaus Schwab
Founder and Executive Chairman

Voice 1
Alfred Grand

Organic Farmer, Entrepreneur and 100 Million Farmers Member - Austria

Voice 2
David Hertz

Chef, Social Entrepreneur and Young Global Leader Alumni - Brazil

Voice 3
Mikaela Jade

Tech Entrepreneur and Schwab Foundation Awardee 2021 - Australia

Voice 4
Shitanshu Dhakal

UNICEF Youth Advocate - Nepal

Voice 5
Alejandro René Daly Rivero

Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Activist and Global Shaper from Bogota Hub - Venezuela

Voice 6
Angélique Kidjo

Singer-Songwriter, Actress and Activist - Benin

Voice 7
Huang Ruo

Composer, Pianist and Vocalist - China

Voice 8
Dr Jane Goodall, DBE

World Renowned Ethologist and Conservationist - England

Voice 9
Rupi Kaur

Poet, Illustrator, Photographer and Author - Canada

Voice 10
Makhtoum Abdalla

UNICEF Youth Advocate - Sudan

Voice 11
Olisana Mariner

Public Speaker, Artist, Educator, Activist and Global Shaper from Apia Hub - Samoa

Voice 12
will i am

Creative Innovator, Futurist, Entertainer and Technology Investor. Fourth Industrial Revolution Advisory Committee Member, Global AI Action Alliance - United States

Voice 13

Mystic, Visionary and Founder of Isha Foundation - India

Voice 14
Ahmad Joudeh

Dancer and Choreographer - Syria / Netherlands

Voice 15
Dr Melhim Bou Alwan

General Internal Medicine and Primary Care Doctor - Lebanon / United States

Voice 16
Sinead Burke

Educator, Writer, Public Speaker, Disability Advocate and Young Global Leader - Ireland

Voice 17
Susannah Rodgers

Paralympic Swimmer and Gold Medalist, Technical Adviser on Inclusion, Ocean Ambassador, Director, Speaker and Young Global Leader - England

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