The Echoes of Memoryscape


Fustic. Studio, along with our Co-Founder Trung Bao, was selected to receive the British Council UK/Viet Nam Season 2023 grant, an initiative celebrating creativity and connection between the UK and Viet Nam. This program showcases innovative partnerships and collaborations across the arts and creative industries, focusing on Climate and the Environment, and Shared Heritage.

“The Echoes of Memoryscape” is an interactive audio-visual performance and installation exploring contemporary Vietnamese identity post-Doi Moi. It bridges cultural divides between Trung Bao and the Vietnamese H’mong ethnic minority, highlighting Vietnam’s diverse heritage and cultural intersectionality. Using procedural art, the installation features a large-scale LED display with live vocal performances, engaging in real-time interaction with sounds and images from local environments and stories. The project aims to create a dynamic, generative audio-visual system, reflecting the evolving memoryscape of individuals from different cultures and their quest to communicate and understand profound experiences.

'The Echoes of Memoryscape' emerged from my immersive Thanh Canh journey in Ha Giang. Unfamiliar at first, I delved deep into the region's auditory landscape, engaging with locals, nature's sounds, and traditional instruments.

We were fascinated by the nature of the cicadas’ sound. When the sound is stretched, one can easily find individual syllables, like syllables in speech. Throughout the trip, we felt a persistent sense that the outdoor soundscape was eager to communicate with him. So, he used different methods to study and extract these syllables from the sounds he recorded in Ha Giang. Identifying these syllables is one of many ways to deconstruct and observe the sound. This process helped us understand more of the building blocks of sounds, especially those from Ha Giang.

Using digital tools, we crafted a digital interactive system, redefining sounds and reconstructing memories with exclusive materials.

The Audio Process
The Visual

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