VOICE GEMS : 1000 YEAR ARCHIVE exhibition
R100 x Fustic.

R100 Studio & Fustic. Studio opened an immersive exhibition called Voice Gems: 1000 Year Archive across the interior and exterior of W1 Curates, London, presented by W1 Immersive. The exhibition was a collection of the distinct and vulnerable voices ever available on the planet Earth that had been preserved as individual gemstones.

The new 400 square metre immersive gallery presented wall-to-wall digital gemstone artworks from a selection of the VOICE GEM archive, as well as a public digital display across the facade’s three floors of bespoke LED screens. The exhibition explored the preservation of the most remarkable, influential, and critically endangered voices, which encapsulated messages of love, death, hope, and legacy.

Contributors to the archive from 2021 to 2022 included Ai Weiwei, Dr. Jane Goodall, Will.i.am, Sir Geoff Hurst, Herbert W. Franke, Felipe Pantone, Sougwen Chung, Reggie Watts, Kenny Schachter, Lily Cole, Aitor Throup, Klaus Schwab, Platon, Justin Aversano, Hannah Marshall, Jesse Damiani, Nancy Baker Cahill, Dejha Ti, Ania Catherine, and more.

The duo believes that every voice comes with unique fingerprint-like metadata that can be used for human-centered generative design, and VOICE GEMS has paved a way for them to collect, highlight, and preserve these human and animal voices and vocal phenomena to share.

"We had already replaced diamond engagement rings, preserved first and last words, and highlighted some of the most unique minds on the planet with voice-generated gemstones. People were seeking new ways to highlight our most fundamental human experiences with technology. VOICE GEMS was a new method of connection,’ said Harry.

Trung agreed as he stated that their method created a new way for people to experience and connect with voices. ‘Highlighting, preserving, and amplifying unique, important voices along with the vulnerable ones through a medium that people could see, touch, and connect with through different senses was something very special,’ he added. VOICE GEMS: 1000 YEAR ARCHIVE ran from September 8th to 26th at W1 Curates in London."

“We can preserve things in new ways and the world will be filled with the digital ceremony. We want the viewer to think about what their voice may look like as a stone, and if they could preserve their voice as an object for 1000 years.”

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